Digital CONTENT Management

This is our speciality. Sometimes it is difficult to know where to begin when it comes to digital media production, digital media strategy and social media so let us help you. We can meet with you to discuss your digital roadmap. Tell us where you want to go and we'll tell you how to get there.

We can do just about anything from a single campaign to taking over your entire digital presence. We can advise you on the best digital package for you with digital media production, digital media strategy, social media, digital channel optimization, PPC campaigns, SEO management, etc.

While great content is king, we do insist on making every campaign a collaborative effort with social, digital, and marketing to ensure its success.

Digital Media Strategy

It is imperative to know exactly what kind of impact any kind of content that is created will have on a community. It is important that our brands knows who will engage with that content, how much engagement is expected and it's overall effect on the brand itself. We want to bring in as many engaged viewers turned customers from the brand's channel and social media sites, to enjoy their experience and to share it with others - growing the brand's presence as a whole.

Consistent communication with customers will create loyalty and trust.


Every brand is unique. In fact, it is our job to make a brand's online presence memorable and engaging but still on-point. While creating one viral video will resonate with an audience for a short time, we create consistently high-quality content that keeps our viewers coming back for more.

Digital media Production

Memetics Media is a full service production that does all of its services in-house from channel management, strategy, creative, production and seeding. In fact, we have experience doing complex and simple productions like awards show airing live, reality shows, docu-series, scripted and commercials.

Our team will handle the creatives, production, pushing and seeding of the content on paid and earned media with your brand's messaging and ROI in mind. We can even craft a series of shows for your brand that is on-point, on-target, yet is also highly engaging and shareable. We have the ability to create content on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis based upon needs. We will have a social media manager dedicated to your account to interact with your fans and to inspire more followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc.

Social Media & Strategy

Even amazing content needs a little push in the right direction. With all the content in the digital universe, it is very easy to get lost. Using our in-house PR team, editorial outreach and SEO manager, your videos are guaranteed a minimum view count within a set time frame. We also can track analytics so that we can gage the performance of various content so that we know true views, the number of comments, editorial posts, domestic and international reach and overall thoughts on the content.