Sister is Diagnosed with Lifelong Condition. Watch what her siblings do.

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How far would you go for the love of a sister? These siblings take an enduring hardship and turn it into love! Please SHARE this heartwarming story of love and family.  

Stacey was born with a rare birth defect called agenesis of the corpus callosum. In lay terms, she was born without the bridge of nerves that connect the hemispheres of the brain. To compound this condition, she also has an abnormal 3Q chromosome. Scientists and doctors have yet to map out what exactly the 3Q chromosome controls. What is known is that these two anomalies raise Stacey’s illness leading to many mental and physical set backs. Her speech is impaired. She is uncoordinated at times. As her mother Shannon would describe, Stacey has the mentality “of a two year old.” Simply, she is a disabled 16 year old that requires constant assistance with day-to-day life.

Her siblings, Michelle,17, and Robby, 12, and Stacey's parents are there to help her every step of the way. Instead of considering Stacey a burden, she is the "best thing that could have happened to them." They use love and faith to guide them through this amazing journey. 

Stacey and her family have received so much through the generosity of outsiders that they now choose to give back.

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