Here's just a small sampling of our works:

Sizzling Sizzle


Viral Campaign: Homeless Dog Transformation 

If there is a video that made an impact on the entire framework of animal shelters it is this one story of a dog named Charlie.  We teamed up with a Los Angeles-based, mobile animal groomer and a local shelter. We filmed the groomers as they gave five deserving pups a life-saving makeover. It sounds so simple, and it was. The result was 16 million views and counting, 100 million impressions from hundreds of editorial posts and traditional news outlets, 10,000 shares, 40,000 likes, 2,000 comments and it saved 5 lives. All the dogs were adopted within two weeks. The social movement it created was to ask our viewers to "take another look." There was no paid outreach - all the views were organic.


East Bay SPCA - Oaktown Pup

East Bay SPCA of Oakland, CA requested a video that would convey the message to spay or neuter your pet. They wanted something highly shareable, fun, not a PSA. We brain-stormed together and came up with Oaktown Pup, a parody of Uptown Funk. The production was done entirely in-house. The results were amazing! Reaching a million views within 2 weeks, shared on over 200 editorial sites, shared 3,000 times on Facebook and Twitter, and picked up by traditional news outlets as well. This video lead to an effective, positive, social movement. Paid outreach was minimal, the views are organic.


INFLUENCERS - Music Video: Kina Grannis - Dear River

We work with major digital Influencers too. Kina is a web-born musician with an on-line presence of millions of YouTube subscribers. We created this stylistic music video with Kina's vision in mind. The results are a polished piece that resonates with her embedded fan base.


Live Show - Purina'S "the Friskies"

In this ground-breaking, 2012 live show, we produced the first ever The Friskies, an Internet cat video awards show, sponsored by Purina. At the time, live streaming was not an available feature to most channels on YouTube. We were the first to stream an awards show on Youtube before. The Friskies was managed by the producers from start to finish with client's brand in mind so that key targets and messaging was reached. During the 90 minute, live broadcast, we estimated 60,000 concurrents, which was an unheard number at the time.


LIVE TO TAPE SERIES - Style Haul "The Crew Show"

Produced by multi-channel network giant StyleHaul and TV giant Fremantlemedia North America, "The Crew" teamed up four A-list YouTubers/Influencers and created a series called The Crew. The 10-part series filmed in front of a live audience (of 200 girls) featured Caspar Lee, Jim Chapman, Marcus Butler and Alfie Deyes. This series melded the power of cross-promotion of digital Influencers, multiple platforms and a devoted, fanbase of millions.  The result of which are 10 hilarious episodes of goofs, gags, girls and lots of views.