Jurassic Baby World - Jurassic World Parody with BABIES!

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Jurassic Baby World is a fully functioning theme park where scientists have genetically modified adorable babies into out of control, crying giants. Waaaa! QUICK! Somebody grab a milk bottle! And, please SUBSCRIBE for more baby parodies, skits and overall silliness. If you loved this video share it, tweet it #JurassicWorld #JurassicBabyWorld and let us know what movie we should do next!

Story Synopsis:  This is not the Jurassic Park movie that you saw 22 years ago. This is actually the fifth movie in a continuation saga of the Jurassic Park movies, except the dino is toddler form.

The main difference in this movie is simple -- babies. Big babies. Like really big. Like Super Sized, Big Gulp, Bucket of Fries big but with babies.

On Isle Wooby, the dream of John Hammond is realized with this fully functioning theme park with bigger than ever rides, attractions and live shows to showcase his Jurassic babies. Except Isle Wooby is not owned by Hammond, but rather a meanie corporation that is in Jurassic Baby for the business, not the science. Shocking.

Starring: MumMum - Jurassic Baby